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Accessories: Magnaturals Magnetic Ledges, Dishes, Hides for your Terrarium

Even if your pet has never known life in the real wild, he still needs certain natural elements in his terrarium in order to thrive. Of course you know he needs the right kind of reptile food and water, but if that’s all your reptile has in his home, he’ll suffer serious consequences.

Reptiles, like the type of lizards, snakes, and turtles often kept as pets, need ledges and other rocks in their terrarium. These Magnaturals accessories are more than just fun decorations. They bask in on these rocks getting either the morning sun or enjoying their heat lamp in order to raise their internal body temperature and stimulate their metabolism. Other accessories, like hides are needed for similar, natural reasons. To keep your pet healthy, eating, moving, and mating, you must provide this type of terrarium additions for him.

Manufactured by MagNaturals, they are considered some of the highest quality in the industry and sure to please your reptile pet. There is even extra strong magnets for large ledges needed for heavy reptiles and thick glass. MagNaturals can still customize all size ledges with extra magnets, but keeping these extra strong accessories in stock will cut down on your order time.

Contact a Terrarium Magnaturals Accessories Expert at Jabberwock Reptiles

Not sure exactly which Magnaturals accessories your reptile would benefit from? With so many Magnaturals magnetic ledges, dishes, and hides to chose from, it’s easy to understand. You don’t have to decide alone; Jabberwock Reptiles’s staff is full of experts who can help you with this exact thing. Come into our store in Winchester, just a short drive from Boston, to speak with us in person. If you already know which decorations you’d like to order, you can do so online. We offer shipping services to your home, so all you need to do is contact us via email, fill out our online form or call us today at 781-729-0135 .

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