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Jabberwock Reptiles is dedicated to providing the best variety of top-quality feeder insects in the  Greater Boston area. Quality, nutritious food is important to the health of your pet. If your pet prefers insects then offer them the best. Consider utilizing the services of Jabberwock Reptiles. We offer affordable, high-quality, live feeder insects for sale.

A Balanced Diet is Always Recommended

Please make sure to feed your reptiles a balanced diet of feeder bugs and vegetables. It is essential to their overall health to have a balanced diet. We recommend to feed your reptile pet with our vast variety of feeders insects with a combination of fresh vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. ** [not all animals can eat vegetables]**

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Boston residents can always feel free to visit our store in Winchester! We also offer shipping services and all you need to do is contact us via email, fill out our online form or call us today at 781-729-0135 . Get the healthiest and nutritious feeder insects in Boston from Jabberwock Reptiles! We carry a wide variety of different food options for your pet lizard, frog, tarantula or whatever cold-blooded pet you have.

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