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Jabberwock Reptiles is the leading company in the Boston area to buy frozen rabbits. Frozen rabbits are a great choice for snakes that have outgrown smaller prey. Snakes and lizards can be picky eaters and sometimes a change in diet will help get them interested in eating again.

Adding frozen rabbits on an occasional basis is one way to try to get your reptiles back on track. Since they are different from the frozen mice or rats you normally feed, Jabberwock Reptiles feeder rabbits may also provide your reptiles with slightly different nutrients, helping ensure a more balanced diet. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to provide you with the best care instructions for your pet and guide you on how to feed them. Contact us now at 781-729-0135 or visit our store.

Defrosting Frozen Prey

First, it’s important to know that you don’t put out the prey for feeding while it is frozen! You need to thaw it thoroughly and warm it slightly before feeding it out. Freezing for 30 days kills off most parasites and other organisms that may be harmful to your snake. Rabbits may be kept safely frozen and fed out for up to six months after the date it was first frozen.

Remove the number of rabbits you need from the bag of prey. You can place them in a clean plastic bag and soak in warm water, or leave in the refrigerator overnight to defrost, warming up in warm water.

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Here at Jabberwock Reptiles, our main goal is to be able to help you find what you want and need for your pet. Our store is located in Winchester, but we encourage you to contact us anytime via email or give us a call at 781-729-0135 . Please feel free to ask us any questions; we are here to help!

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