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Buy Pangea Gecko Fruit Mix Diet In Greater Boston

Crested geckos are wonderful pets, with their beautiful colorations and entertaining ways. Keeping your pet healthy by providing a diet that closely mimics what they would eat in nature can be a challenge. In the wild crested geckos eat a combination of live insects and ripe or even rotting fruit. To meet these dietary needs commercially prepared diets have been developed that make life easier for you. Jabberwock Reptiles is proud to offer the Pangea Fruit Mix™ line of packaged gecko food.

Just like humans, geckos have different taste and nutritional preferences. The protein sources in Pangea’s packaged foods are natural animal proteins from whey and dried egg white. Natural fruit is a primary ingredient as well. Additional vitamins and minerals are added as well to provide complete nutritional support. Pangea gecko foods come in several formulations or flavors, that your fruit eating gecko will absolutely love.

Jabberwock Reptiles carries the following flavors of Pangea Fruit Mix™:

  • Pangea Fruit Mix™ Watermelon Mango Complete Gecko Diet
  • Pangea Fruit Mix™ Banana Apricot Complete Gecko Diet
  • Pangea Fruit Mix™ Banana Papaya Complete Gecko Diet
  • Pangea Fruit Mix™ With Insects Complete Gecko Diet

Although there are many new formulas, there are only a few crested gecko foods we recommend at Jabberwock Reptiles as staple diets, one of which is Pangea Fruit Mix™ Gecko Diet. It has been thoroughly researched and tested on thousands of animals with great results, leading us to endorse this product as one of the best on the market. When you’re feeding your gecko Pangea, you know you’re giving them a complete, quality food.

Jabberwock Reptiles is the leading company in the Boston area to buy Pangea Gecko Diets packaged foods. Let Jabberwock Reptiles help you in deciding if this packaged food source is a good match for your pet. Call us 781-729-0135 to learn more about Pangea Gecko Diets or ask any other question you have. We are here to help!

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