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Freeze-Dried Crickets for Sale

Do you always live feed your reptiles?

If you own a bearded dragon or other lizard who needs to regularly eat insects for protein, the common question is always do I always have to feed live? Your pet does not actually need live crickets for every meal. In fact, freeze-dried foods retain the maximum nutritional value and taste your reptile needs, without the challenge of live feeding.

High Quality Natural Protein.

This high-protein, 100% natural food source provides your pet with it’s perfect source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients just like it would eat in the wild. You will also definitely appreciate the extended shelf life of freeze-dried foods versus live insects, which of course saves you money.

As an added benefit, a regular supply of freeze-dried crickets helps diversify your pet reptile or amphibian’s diet when it can’t or won’t eat live bugs. Food variety serves to increase the overall nutritional quality of their diet and helps reduce the likelihood of developing life-threatening nutritional diseases.

Pet Feeding Experts

For some pets, freeze-dried crickets can be the main part of their diet. For other pets, however, freeze-dried crickets should only be given as a snack or an extra treat.

Make sure you always ask a professional what the best diet for your pet is, so you can keep it healthy and strong for a long time.

Our reptile experts at Jabberwock Reptiles in Boston understand that freeze dried crickets aren’t for every reptile, that’s why we carry a wide diversity of fresh and freeze-dried food.

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