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Recommended Cages for Reptile Pets in Massachusetts

Your pet reptile is like a member of the family, so you want to keep him or her happy. That means the right kind of cage. You owe it to them to get them the best, and that means going to Jabberwock Reptiles. We stock anything and everything you need to purchase for your pet’s cage, and our team members know the expert information you need to help you.

Finding the correct caging for your pet reptile is important to your pet’s well being. It is also important to find a caging that fits your home so you can enjoy living there too. Reptile cages come in many different sizes and materials and selecting the correct one can sometimes be confusing. Luckily, you don’t need to make this decision on your own. Let the experts at Jabberwock Reptiles help you find a cage that is ideal for both your living situation and your pet’s exact species. Some of the brands we carry include Exo Terra terrariums and faunariums, Zoo Med glass terrariums, ReptiBreeze screen cages for chameleons, and Zilla Critter Cages.

Beyond the exact cage and size, you must also consider the lighting and substrate needed. There are also decorations and other accessories, like food bowls, that will make your reptile happy and comfortable. You’ll find it all in our store. We are located in Winchester, a short drive from anywhere in Massachusetts. We can be reached at (781) 729-0135 or by filling out our online request form. We can help you with it all!

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