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We carry everything you need to keep a happy, healthy pet reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate.


Finding the correct caging for your pet reptile is important to your pet’s well being. It is also important to find a caging that fits your home. Reptile cages come in many different sizes and materials and selecting the correct one can sometimes be confusing. Let the experts at Jabberwock Reptiles help you find a cage that is ideal for both your home and your pet.

Some of the brands we carry: Exo Terra terrariums and faunariums, Zoo Med glass terrariums, ReptiBreeze screen cages for chameleons, and Zilla Critter Cages.

Lighting and Heating

The large number of different reptile and amphibian species means that finding the correct lighting and heating options can be challenging. The trained staff at Jabberwock Reptiles can assist you in finding the correct lighting products and/or heating options for your particular pet.

Light fixtures, heat bulbs, UVB bulbs, ceramic heaters, and under tank heaters are some of the choices you have and Jabberwock Reptiles carries a large selection.

Bedding and Substrates

From terrarium liners to aspen snake bedding, we carry many different types of substrate for your pet. Not sure what is right for your pet? Let our knowledgeable staff help you.

Terrariums liner, reptile carpet, Zoo Med Eco Earth coconut fiber, reptile sand, cypress mulch, aspen shavings, Exo Terra sand mats and more.

Jabberwock Reptiles carries a complete line of MagNaturals including magnetic cage decorations, ledges and hides.


Decorations are more than something that make your pet’s enclosure look good. Decorations like plastic and silk plants, cork bark, grape vine etc. help your pet feel secure and enrich their environment.

Visit our store to select quality products that are functional as well as decorative.


There are many options when it comes to accessories. From stainless steel tongs to water bowls, Jabberwock Reptiles carries a wide selection.

Food and water dishes, reptile hammocks, bamboo tongs, stainless steel forceps, hides and water drippers are some of the many reptile accessories you’ll find in our store.

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