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UVB Bulbs for Your Reptile Pet in Massachusetts

Good pet owners put a lot of time and thought into the home they provide for their pets. If your pet is a reptile, this home is probably a terrarium. While you decide on the best size, material, and brand of terrarium for your pet, do not forgot to consider how you ligh his home as well. To reptiles, sunlight is life. Their terrarium is only as well-suited for them as the lights inside are, because every aspect of their lives is governed by their daily experience of solar light and heat, or the artificial equivalent when they are housed indoors. Providing the correct lighting is essential for a healthy reptile in captivity.

Natural sunlight can be mimicked by placing UVB bulbs inside your reptile’s terrarium. These UVB bulbs, just like sunlight for reptiles in the wild, have a direct effect on their immune system, their skin, and may also stimulate production of beta endorphins, making them happy and energetic. Simply knowing they need this light is only the beginning, though. The maximum UV Index appropriate for each species must be determined using knowledge of the microhabitat of the reptile in the wild. Reptiles that stay in shade, or only bask in early-morning or late-evening sunlight require far lower values than species that bask in late-morning tropical sun. How can you know for sure which bulb to buy? Ask the experts!

UVB bulbs and other pet supplies specific to reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates can be purchased at Jabberwock Reptiles. We’ll help you pick out the perfect one for your pet based on their breed and natural habitat. Call us now at 781-729-0135 to ask about our inventory of UVB bulbs or any other pet supplies. We are the reptile experts in Massachusetts!

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