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Which Gender is your Snake, Bearded Dragons or Gecko in Massachusetts

Telling the difference between male and female reptiles is not always easy, and sometimes it is downright impossible by just looking at them. If female and male reptiles have different physical structures and pigmentation, they are said to be “sexually dimorphic.” In other words, you can tell a boy reptile from a girl reptile visually. But dimorphic qualities often do not become visible until sexual maturity is attained. Not sure if your reptile is a boy or girl? Bring it into Jabberwock Reptiles and let us have a look. Technology has come to the rescue for this much-needed task. Using X-rays, the sex of even some traditionally tough-to-tell species can be determined. Besides using X-rays and visual cues to tell the difference between males and females, there are other methods we can use.

Males of snake and lizard species have paired copulatory organs called “hemipenes.” When inverted, these lie in pockets at the base of the tail. A method of determining whether or not a snake has hemipenal pockets is called “probing.” If they do, it is a male; if not, it is a female.

If you are are wondering, Jabberwock Reptiles is here to help. We staff only experts who will be able to tell you exactly what your scaly friend’s gender is. As long as it is big enough, we can usually tell in a matter of seconds. We charge $5 for this service only if we can accurately give you an answer to your snake’s sex, and both Geckos and Bearded Dragon sexing is free. Visit us at our Winchester location or give us a call at (781) 729-0135 with any questions you have.

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