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Zoo Med Terrariums Available in Massachusetts

Congratulations on picking out a brand new reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate pet! Now what?

Finding the correct home for your reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate is important to your pet’s well being. Not only must the animal itself like the housing you choose for it, but it is also important to find a terrarium that fits your living situation as well. If you live in a studio apartment, you probably can’t have something too big. If there are several children in your home, you’ll need something with a sturdy lock. Terrariums and cages come in many different sizes and materials, so selecting the correct one can sometimes be confusing. Let the experts at Jabberwock Reptiles help you find a terrarium that is ideal for both your house and your pet’s specific breed and temperament. Often, when looking at all of the deciding factors we find that Zoo Med Terrariums are a great fit.

Zoo Med Terrariums allow you to add a small piece of nature and tranquility to your home, while providing your pet with a space that mimics their natural environment. These terrariums feature a full front glass opening door with a snap closure, full stainless steel screen top that will not corrode, and accommodates a dome lamp or light bar for their needed sunning. Front and top ventilation allow for natural air flow inside terrarium and a water-tight base allows for a “water pool” on the inside of the terrarium or deep substrate. There is also a power cord hole so you can add foggers, waterfalls, or other accessories that require electricity.

Once you find the perfect Zoo Med Terrarium, don’t forget about the decorations! Decorations like plastic and silk plants, cork bark, and grape vines help your pet feel secure and enrich their new environment. Of course, these can also be purchased at Jabberwock Reptiles. Call us now at 781-729-0135 to ask about our inventory of Zoo Med Terrariums or any other pet supplies.

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